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Reunion 2023

Reunion 2023

Schedule of Events

Dare to Be True: Celebrating the Class of 1973; Campus Tour

Guided Campus Tours

Milton Alumni Sing

Dare to Be True: Celebrating the Class of 1973; Lunch and Panel

Bagged Picnic Lunch

Class of 1953 Meeting

Class of 1958 Meeting

Class of 1963 Meeting

Class of 1968 Meeting

Milton in the Classroom: Decoding Math

The Milton Library: Beyond Books

Class of 1953 Memorial Service

Class of 1963 Girls’ School Meeting

Introduction to Restorative Justice at Milton

25th Reunion Reception for the Class of 1998

All Class Party

Young Alumni All Class Party

Milton Night Out: Bowery Bar and Patio

Revive and Reunite Yoga & Meditation Class

Memorial Service

State of the School Address - In Person

State of the School Address - Virtual

Student Life Panel

Guided Campus Tours

Family Festival on the Quad

Young Alumni Family Festival on the Quad

Nesto Gallery Reception: The Magnificent Seven

Milton Talks

Maximizing Your Philanthropic Impact Through Planned Giving

Class of 1973 Meeting

Class of 1978 Meeting

Class of 1983 meeting

Class of 1988 Meeting

Class of 1993 Meeting

Class of 1998 Meeting

Class of 2003 Meeting

Class of 2008 Meeting

Class of 2013 Meeting

Class of 2018 Meeting

A Toast to Todd Bland

1953 Class Dinner

1958 Class Dinner

1963 Class Dinner

1968 Class Dinner

1973 Class Dinner

1978 Class Dinner

1983 Class Dinner

1988 Class Dinner

1993 Class Dinner

1998 Class Dinner

2003 Class Dinner

2008 Class Dinner

2013 Class Dinner

2018 Class Dinner

Class Dinner